Can I order a custom wand?

Unfortunately at the moment I'm not able to make specific custom wands. If you have a more general request, then I will be happy to add it to my 'To-Do List'  


I saw a wand on social media but it's not in your store. How do I order the one I want?

Wands tend to sell out quickly, and there may be a limited number in each restock. So if there is one you want I recommend going to my website at the time of the restock. 
If you missed out then please contact me and I will add more to my to-do list.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes! I have free worldwide shipping.

Please allow up to three working days for your wand to be dispatched. I normally try to go to the Post Office every Wednesday and Friday.

Every item is tracked so you are able to see it's progress with the information provided. If the item states that it is 'in transit' please be assured that it is on it's way and it will get to you eventually. Your patience with this is greatly appreciated.


How much is a House of Wandcraft Wand?

All wands are priced individually so it's best to check my store for details. Prices include free gift-wrap an tracked shipping. 

How do I change the currency?

If you create an account on Etsy then you should be able to select your local currency.

What are the wands made from?

The wands are made from epoxy resin.