Behind The Scenes


House of Wandcraft Wands are all made using a Bio-Based Epoxy Resin* The whole process starts with designing making a ‘Master’ Wand which I can use to create bespoke mould out of silicone**. The liquid resin is then poured into the silicone mould and left to cure. It can take up to a week to fully harden.

 As the resin cures it shrinks slightly, so to compensate for this you need to include what’s called ‘flash’ or ‘flashing’. This is an excess amount of material that will later be removed. 

The hardened resin is then removed from the mould, which is very satisfying part of the process!

I then like to allow some time for the wands to rest. 

Next, it’s time to go over to my garage to sand the wands. I can be as messy as I like there and have a special pair of overalls to keep me clean!

I need to remove the flashing and the ‘witness marks’ from the wands. These are very fine lines that are left on the wand from being in the mould. You may see these lines on mass produced products as they don’t take the time to remove them.
I snap off any larger excess pieces or resin and then use my electric sander for the finer details.
I need to protect myself from any tiny particles in the air so I always wear a mask and goggles… Safety first!
Then there are number of pathways for the wand, depending on what the final finish will be.
The sanding causes small scratches in the surface which result in a dull appearance.
This is actually very useful if applying jewels, as the scratches create a ‘key’, which ensures the adhesive achieves a strong bond.

At this point I can add glitter or paint and then it’s finally time to add a super shiny topcoat.


It is a time-consuming process, taking several weeks to complete. Choosing high quality materials that need time to mature ensures flawless results. I take great care to make sure every wand is always perfect!

 Because of the handmade process there can be slight 'imperfections' and asymmetry, which for me, makes them even more special.

It shows that it was made with love.



* Epoxy Resin is a two-part liquid that when combined at the right ratios will cure and harden to whatever shape mould it is in… A little bit like making Jelly (Jello) You can add different pigments and powders to change its colour and create many beautiful effects. Resin has a wide range of used and available at your local craft store.

The Bio-Resin House of Wandcaft uses has the latest in biochemistry owing 40% of its molecular structure to organic plant-based origins.


**Silicone is another two-part liquid that when mixed will cure solid but is still flexible. This flexibility allows the wand to safely be removed without it being damaged. The Silicone moulds can only be reused about a dozen times before they start to perish, so need to be remade regularly.