To-Do List

About every month I will restock my store. This is not necessarily the same date each month. 

The best way to know the next restock date is to sign up to my newsletter. 

Here is a list of what I will be working on... 

Coming Soon:
Blue and black
Purple and Black
Pastel with glitter and jewels
Fairy inspired pastels

Peach coloured

Wands with real crystals

Earth, Air, Fire, Water
Under the sea

Painted Wands in Various colours

Memory Wands in various colours
Moss Wands

Ombre Wands
Black & White Ombre
Galaxy Wands
Purple, Pink & Green


Dragon Scale


Unfortunately I'm not able to make custom wands but if you have a more general request for my To-Do List then please let my know using the Contact Form.